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Mike Ockerby registered wedding celebrant


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Funerals are your opportunity to say goodbye, and thanks. But they don't all have to be cut from the same cloth.

  • You might be comfortable with a service that includes a hefty dose of religion - but not want a minister (or priest, or rabbi, or imam) officiating...
  • Maybe you want no religious element at all...
  • Maybe your loved one really wanted an informal funeral, with plenty of room for light and laughs? If the deceased was a lover of song, music could be a key feature; for the theatre-lover, some sort of performance or recital might be spot-on; you could even have a 'themed' funeral (your loved one's favourite clothes, or movie...)
  • Perhaps, when it boils down to it, what you really want is something where you and the people closest to the deceased are in control...

A range of emotions
Death elicits a range of responses and feelings. You might be feeling shock, anger, sadness, disbelief, despair, bewilderment. Or maybe you're feeling relief that someone who's suffered greatly is finally at peace. Perhaps you're at peace with what's happened, knowing that the deceased led a long and happy life, or didn't suffer.

Whatever you feel, it will probably be powerful.

In such circumstances it can help to have someone to lean on while you make those crucial decisions about how to say goodbye.

Mike will spend time with you and the family to ensure everything's just as you want it. If you want him to conduct the service, he will; or if you prefer a more behind-the-scenes approach, he'll happily take that role.

Writing a tribute
The best funerals are the ones that are authentic, that are true to the deceased. Tributes are an important component. If you want, Mike can use his skills to craft that special tribute you're after. (Mike's love is words: his professional background is as a journalist and wordsmith, mainly for the ABC, Australia's primary national public broadcaster.) Or - want to write the eulogy yourself, but not confident? Don't know where to start? Mike can help, by passing on tips gleaned from his years of public speaking and public presentation experience.

Don't regret not giving your loved one the send-off they really deserve. Mike can help you come up with a service that truly 'fits' the one you've lost.

Here are a few elements you could consider:

The 'look' of the funeral -
Not sure what this should be? Mike can help you decide.
Maybe you want a service festooned with flowers? Or perhaps just some flower petals sprinkled over the coffin?

Maybe instead you want people to donate to the deceased's favourite charity or sports group?

Would you like mourners to release balloons during or after the service? This might be a nice way of farewelling a child, or that big child who never really grew up.

How many readings should there be? Religious, non-religious, or a mix of both?
A minute's silence? Or perhaps a pause for silent contemplation.
Or - what about some noise?! There's nothing to say you can't get everyone to join in in giving the deceased a big 'three cheers' as a send-off.

Indoors? Outdoors? How many guests are likely to attend? (This will have a big impact on which venue you should choose.)

Will the service feature songs?
How many? Will they be pre-recorded, or performed live?

How long should the funeral last?
You'll want to do justice to the deceased's life, but on the other hand you'll need to be aware of time and emotional constraints. (Some mourners might be taking an extended lunch hour to attend; others might be old or frail; others might struggle to 'keep it together' for an extended time.)

Will you want to hold a wake?
Will this be at the same venue as the funeral?

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Mike Ockerby Registered Wedding Celebrant