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Other Ceremonies
There are plenty of occasions throughout life that are important. So who says the traditional 'biggies' are the only events worthy of something special? With Mike's help and writing skills - and his public speaking skills - you can create something uniquely 'you'.

Maybe you've just scored your dream job? Or left a job that's been like a millstone around your neck? Maybe you're about to take off on that round-the-world trip you've always wanted to take?

Whatever the occasion, if it's special to you then go for it - mark it with some sort of ceremony - a public recognition of the occasion for friends, family... whoever you want.
Think of the possibilities

  • special birthdays
  • adoptions
  • divorce
  • retirement
  • religious conversion
  • loss of faith (maybe you've just left a cult, or in some other way thrown off the shackles)
  • going away (moving interstate or overseas for a job? or for love?)
  • welcome home (has your son or daughter just returned after wandering the globe? maybe a favourite grandchild is back in town?)
  • pet funerals
  • graduation (finally finished that PhD? or gone back to complete your basic schooling after decades in the workforce?)
  • new home
  • saying goodbye to an old home
  • anniversaries (of weddings, meetings, deaths, school graduations)
  • engagement
  • elopement
  • renewal of vows
  • commitment ceremonies (because you want to let everyone know you still love each other - or, perhaps you've been through a really tough time and now want to publicly affirm your union)
  • namings
  • release from prison
  • whatever is important to you! (Maybe you're just happy with how your life is and want to celebrate it. Why not say a public 'thanks/wow! aren't we lucky'.)

    Packages and fees negotiable. Just ask!

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