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You turn 18, it's a big deal. You turn 21, it's a big deal. You turn 50, it's another big deal. But what about all those birthdays inbetween, and after? Birthdays can be special for any number of reasons, and that's reason enough to celebrate!

Survived a major health scare? Being alive is a pretty good reason for a celebration!
You and your twin are turning 25? How about a joint '50th' birthday party? (Or a '100th' if you're both turning 50!)

Want to let someone know how special they are? You can wait 'til they're dead, and then get everyone together; or you can throw them a big party now to celebrate not just a birthday, but their life!

Why not a 'This is your life' style of event? A perfect chance to dig up those old photos... memories... friends!

Don't fall into the greeting card trap of thinking getting older is bad news: remember when you were a kid and every birthday was a real trip? You can rediscover that feeling.
Ask Mike how!

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Mike Ockerby Registered Wedding Celebrant