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Commitment ceremonies
Getting married is not for everyone - but that doesn't necessarily mean you won't want some sort of public recognition of your union...

Alternatively - maybe you got married years ago and have always regretted not having the wedding you really wanted... (Perhaps you were too young to say 'no' to all that pressure for a massive guest list. Or, maybe you didn't realise what sort of wedding options were really open to you.)

Whatever your motivations, a commitment ceremony is a good option.

Commitment ceremonies can be as big or as small as you like... as formal or as informal... as public or as private. It's your day - you're free to make it the way you really want it to be.

The options include:
·How many people to invite
·The venue
·The songs
·The readings
·The vows
·The clothes
·The running order
·The whole kit and caboodle!

For more ideas, contact Mike.

See also 'Renewal of vows'

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