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Renewal of Vows
A 'renewal of vows' ceremony can take place early in a marriage, or after a couple has been together for a long time. The right time will be different for every couple.

For some couples it's because important people couldn't make it to their wedding. Perhaps the wedding was interstate, or overseas. (Or maybe you eloped!) A new ceremony provides an opportunity to make sure no one is left out.

Others might have been unhappy with their wedding ceremony, or feel that in some way it wasn't really 'them'.

A special anniversary might be approaching - perhaps a 10th or 50th. Or just a 1st!

Couples who've survived tough times - illness, separation, even infidelity - can decide the time is right to say to the world that they've come through it and are still strong and committed to each other.

For other couples, a renewing of vows might be a way of refreshing and refocusing - perhaps because they've been on auto-pilot, with kids and a busy household the focus for years and years.

You can re-use your original vows, or refresh them. If you've got kids now, why not write them into the ceremony? You can include your original best man and bridesmaid - or why not have two best men this time? Or none?!

How should you renew your vows? It's your choice!

See also 'Commitment ceremonies'.

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