Mike Ockerby Wedding Celebrant
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Mike Ockerby Registered Marriage Celebrant

This is what Mike trained for, and this is where he’ll make doubly sure you get the ceremony you want – and deserve!

The best wedding possible
Whatever the scale, what you’ll want is a ceremony – a special day – that’s truly yours. There are plenty of ceremonies and plenty of elements that you can grab ‘off the shelf’, and there’s nothing wrong with that; in fact having a look at what other people have done can be a good guide, and serve as a springboard for coming up with your own ideas. But in the end you’ll want something that’s distinctively you, and uniquely appropriate to your union.

Getting started: a few 'off the shelf' elements
You can include some - or none (but probably not all!) - of these. Have a chat with Mike to see what fits best:

  • Ring warming – assemble your guests in a circle and have them pass around your wedding rings. As they warm the rings in their hands, friends and family can concentrate on wishing you all the best for your union.
  • Sand ceremony – you each bring sand (or soil) from your hometown or home state, then pour them, one after the other, into a bottle, to symbolise your coming together.
  • Offer flower petals or a bubble blower and bubble mixture so your guests can celebrate your union in a way that’s beautiful and fun. Rice or confetti could also be options, though many venues now frown on them because they’re so hard to clean up (especially if there’s another wedding straight after yours).
  • Hand binding – have your hands and wrists bound together, in a symbolic joining of your lives.
  • At the conclusion of your ceremony, break a plate (if you’re Greek) or smash a glass (if you’re Jewish). Or come up with your own idea!
  • Include a ‘welcome to family’ – said, perhaps, by each party’s parents, or by your or your partner’s children.
  • A ‘welcome to country’ – acknowledging the traditional owners of the land you stand on.
  • Other elements from your or your partner’s culture. For example you could include poetry in your home language, or a traditional song.
  • An official recognition of children from previous relationships.
  • A formal thanks to both sets of parents – for raising and nurturing you both, and for honouring the day with their presence.
  • Prayer – silent or otherwise – or a blessing.
  • A toast of the couple.
  • Three cheers for the couple. Or you might ask your guests to sing ‘for they are jolly good fellows’ at the conclusion of the ceremony!
  • Give your guests disposable cameras so they can snap away during the ceremony (not too intrusively though please!) – giving you a unique memento of the big day.
  • Release butterflies – perhaps when you’re officially declared married.
  • Release doves – or homing pigeons!

The next step: Mike's contribution
Mike can help you take those few rough ideas or off-the-shelf elements to the next level – turning them into something that’s cohesive, unique and utterly ‘you’. With his feel for words, his vision, and his understanding of the power of symbolism, you’re sure to end up with a ceremony you’ll love.
Or –
Perhaps you have a specific idea of how you’d like your wedding to be, and just need a celebrant who can carry out your detailed wishes (and take care of all that paperwork, plus the legal side of things)? Maybe you just want a celebrant to do the legal minimum – to say the monitum and witness the vows - then step back to let someone else run the show? (A friend, or your favourite aunt or uncle perhaps?)

Whatever your wish, Mike can help make it happen. Why not catch up with him, have a yack and discuss the ‘big picture’. You can do the ‘colouring in’, or he can help you – it’s your choice.

Whatever you decide, you’ll be in good hands!

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Mike Ockerby Registered Wedding Celebrant